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Megawhite PL 

Megawhite PL is a fluorescent whitener in the form of a yellowish, greenish crystalline powder. It provides excellent brightness to colors and is chemically stable, heat resistant, and solvent-soluble. It is used to offset the yellowness of a polymer and to produce a whiter appearance. Megawhite PL can be used as an optical brightener in thermoplastics, printing inks, coatings and dyes.




Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd. is a supplier of dyes and intermediates used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. With broad research & development efforts, strict quality control measures, and sound environmental policies, this organization is committed to maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and product quality. Meghmani always strives for 100% customer satisfaction.


Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd.

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