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Copper Hydropaste B 4555



Copper Hydropaste B 4555, in the form of a particle-sized brilliant flake, is a copper pigment in a water-based paste that can be used in decorative coatings, craft coatings, paints, textile coatings, and paper coatings. This product is dispersible in water-based systems for in situ applications. Its average particle diameter ranges between 38-40 um, and it contains between 83-87% metals.


Metapol is one of the national and international leaders of non-ferrous metallic pigments manufacturers for coatings, plastics, textile, graphic arts & inks, crafts, metal mechanics and scholar & office articles industries. Their variety of products based in aluminum and copper with zinc alloys, provide a metallic appearance with gold and silver colors distinction that allows offering our customers a wide range of products for each application.



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