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HIFIFAST YELLOW HF4G-LB (Pigment Yellow 151) 

HIFIFAST YELLOW HF4G-LB (Pigment Yellow 151) is a greenish yellow pigment with excellent fastness to light and weathering, especially in deep shades. It has relatively good opacity for an organic pigment. As it has very good flow properties in paints, it can also be used at high pigment concentrations without affecting the gloss. It should be borne in mind that the resistance to very strong alkalis is unsatisfactory.




Anshan Hifichem Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high performance pigments, organic pigments, intermediates, and solvent dyes for the Paints and Coatings Industry. Quality and innovation are at the forefront with an ever expanding product portfolio, the Hifichem trademark, and the largest manufacturing facility for benzimidazolone pigments in China.


Anshan Hifichem Co., Ltd. 鞍山七彩化学股份有限公司

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