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Carnauba Wax T4 Centrifuged 

Carnauba Wax T4 Centrifuged is a brown powder that originates from straw powder. It has an ash content of 0.5%, an acid value of 4 to 10 mg NaOH/g, and a maximum moisture percentage of 1.0%. This product is used in ink, photographic films, varnishes, plastic, and paper. It is also found in many types of polishes such as floor, vehicle, fruit, leather, and furniture.




Carnauba do Brasil Ltda. is a supplier of carnauba wax, which has applications in several industries. The company aims to serve domestic and external markets with efficiency, competitiveness, and ethics, while keeping the preferences of their customers under consideration. The manufacturing process involves centrifugation, filtration, bleaching, and packing, ensuring quality and purity of the products.


Carnauba do Brasil Ltda.

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