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Fumed Silica


Beijing Entrepreneur Science &Trading Co., Ltd. 北京安特普纳科贸有限公司目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Fumed silica is a high value-added fine chemical product; it is a white, loose, amorphous, non-toxic, non-polluting inorganic non-metallic oxide.The primary particle size betweens 7 ~ 40nm and the specific surface area is generally greater than 100m2 / g. Because of its nano-effects, in the material the fumed silica exhibits excellent properties of reinforcing, thickening, thixotropic, insulation, matting, anti-sagging, which are widely used in the silicone rubber (polyester plastics, sealing materials,etc.), siliconeglue (adhesives,paints,coatings,etc.)and high-performance fibers, new synthetic unsaturated resin, electric insulation, inks, pharmaceuticals, paper, food, cosmetics, chemical mechanical polishing, etc., to be known as the "industrial MSG".


Beijing Entrepreneur Science & Trading Co., Ltd specializes in fine chemical products. They supply these specialized products to a number of industries including paint and coatings, adhesives and sealants, graphic arts and inks, and personal care. Beijing Entrepreneur Science &Trading Co. works closely with many well known manufacturers world wide.



Beijing Entrepreneur Science &Trading Co., Ltd. 北京安特普纳科贸有限公司

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