H-Sperse® 247 

H-Sperse® 247 is an APEO-free dispersant of high molecular weight block polymer with strong pigment affinity groups. It exhibits outstanding performance in dispersing and stabilizing organic pigments and carbon black in aqueous system. It is your best option for the preparation of binder-free pigment concentrates with high pigment loading. H-Sperse® 247 is completely miscible with water. Use directly with pigment without the need of additional wetting agents. Simply mix water, H-Sperse® 247, pigment and a minimum of antifoam and initiate grinding. Recommended dosage (based on active content) is 20-30% against organic pigment or carbon black. The grinding of H-Sperse® 247 should take place with water present only (no binders, amines or solvents). H-Sperse® 247 should be fully pre-dispersed in water, before any pigment is added.




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Harcros Chemicals, Inc.

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