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Lithosperse® NextGen 


KaMin, LLC

Lithosperse® NextGen is a surface enhanced clay for use in heat-set and sheet-fed inks. It is designed to replace ink resin and ink oil with minimal impact on key ink properties such as ink gloss and ink density. Its unique properties allow for easy dispersion in the ink formulation and virtually minimize ink bleeding to fountain solution even at high ink clay loadings.




KaMin LLC is a producer of calcined and hydrous kaolin clays that are high in quality. With their in-house processing technologies and their high caliber reserves, they can manufacture excellent kaolins for an assortment of applications. Their KaMin™ line of products consist of a wide array of calcined and water-washed clays used in coating applications and as carriers. Their Polygloss® line of products include highly crushed, ultrafine kaolin clay that is used to lengthen water-based coatings.



KaMin, LLC

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