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MicroMedia™ L-C 


Bühler AG

MicroMedia™ L-C is a small volume annular agitated bead mill with variable power density from 0.1 to 4 kW/l. Designed for reliable use of micro-beads. The beads are concentrated in eddied outer ring layer through which the product flows axially. The MicroMedia™ excels by an intense cooling at the outer stator and in the annular discharge duct between inner rotor and inner stator. The upstream multiple separation steps prevent beads from loading the micro protection screen located within the rotor head.



Bühler AG demonstrates expertise and the ability to deliver tailor-made systems for complex processes in various industries that involve wet grinding and dispersion. Bühler offers state-of-the-art machines and complete solutions by utilizing outstanding technology to improve the overall product and provide solutions for smooth production at high flow rates.

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