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Phenoxy PK™HA


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Phenoxy PK™HA has a low viscosity compared to most phenoxy resins. Phenoxy resins (polyhydroxyethers) are tough, ductile, amorphous, thermoplastic polymers having excellent thermal stability, adhesive strength, and vapor barrier properties. Phenoxy resins may be crosslinked by reacting its hydroxyl functional groups with isocyanates, melamine resins, or phenolic resins. Crosslinked phenoxy resins exhibit excellent chemical resistance, hardness, and adhesion on many substrates including steel, aluminum, glass, and carbon fibers, and plastics such as nylon and polyester (PET).

Phenoxy PK™HA may also be formulated in single-pack epoxies containing latent hardeners, such as dicyandiamide, providing improved toughness and adhesive strength on substrates when properly cured. Phenoxy PK™HA is soluble in many polar, aprotic solvents such as MEK, cyclohexanone, and glycol ethers.


Gabriel Performance Products is a leading chemical supplier, offering both an extensive line of specialty proprietary products and custom manufactured chemicals formulated to exact specifications. Gabriel offers the strength of a history several decades long teamed with a forward-looking vision of continually improving our products, processes and services to provide the highest quality products and comprehensive chemical solutions.




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