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Peptan® F 5000 HD


Peptan® F 5000 HD is an edible fish Collagen Peptide used as a bioactive protein source in nutritional products. Its excellent organoleptic properties and instant solubility make it easy to use in a wide range of applications such as functional foods and beverages, healthy and nutritional bars, nutraceutics or cosmetics. Physical and chemical characteristics, instant solubility (wetability and dispersibility), organoleptic properties and packaging are strictly controlled to meet Rousselot stringent standards.


ROUSSELOT INC. is a supplier of gelatin and collagen for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Gelatine has a range of confectionary applications including gelling agent, whipping agent, stabilizer for icings, emulsifier, adhesive, binder and coating agent. In dairy, gelatin improves texture, prevents syneresis and is a binder for yogurt. Gelatin can also be incorporated into meat, fish, aspics and sauces.




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