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UWS 1041


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UWS 1041, in the form of a paste, is pigment dispersion with the dispersion medium of wetting and dispersing polymeric agents, and has 25% of pigment type dioxazine violet. It is compatible with dispersion, emulsions, water-based resins in solution, and has applications in bi-component and mono acrylic and polyurethane, epoxy inks and paints, quick-drying enamels, oven baking enamels, and wood stains.


AB Chimica srl manufactures pigment dispersions and currently has a full range of products for the graphic art and inks industry. The company is leader of the Italian market and has a production capacity approaching 1,000 tons of product a year. AB Chimica has recently successfully expanded into the European market.



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AB Chimica srl

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