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Rubber Paint (Formulation #A10201.2 [10])

Hoffmann Mineral目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

橡膠漆(#A10201.2 [10]配方),主要組份為SILLITIN Z 89


Hoffmann Mineral is a manufacturer of Neuburg Siliceous Earth, a natural combination of corpuscular Neuburg Silica and lamellar kaolinite: a loose mixture impossible to separate by physical methods. As a result of natural aging, the silica portion exhibits a round grain shape and consists of aggregated primary particles of about 200 nm diameter. Such a unique structure is responsible for a relatively high specific surface area and oil absorption, which result, besides rheological activity, also in a whole range of application properties. Their manufacturing program includes the standard products Sillitin, Sillikolloid and puriss, the surface-treated Aktisil and the calcined products Silfit and Aktifit.




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