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Pangel B40


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Pangel B40 is a powdered additive with high thickening and anti-settling capacity for high polarity systems, particularly those based on alcohol, glycol, or ketone type solvents, or in mixtures of those with water. It is recommended to provide thixotropic, suspension, and sagging-resistance properties. It can be used in coatings, paints, printing inks, paint strippers, sealants and joints, vinyl plastisol, gel-coat, nail varnish, wash coat alcohols, glycols, and esters.


Tolsa, S.A. offers in over 90 countries, a wide range of additives and industrial products that provide high added value and improve performance and efficiency of materials, so as to processes and systems to which are incorporated. Their products have a variety of applications including as additives and fillers and paints, coatings and epoxy adhesives, printing inks, radiation-curable inks and pigment settling for the graphic art and inks industry.



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Tolsa, S.A.

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