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Evonik Performance Materials GmbH, BL Oil Additives目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

VISIOMER® 1,4-BDDMA is a low viscosity dimethacrylate monomer. It is ideal for use as a crosslinking agent for the free radical polymerization, and as adhesion promoter and hardener for PVC plastisols, and a coagent for peroxide crosslinking of elastomers.


The Performance Materials Segment is managed by Evonik Performance Materials GmbH. The segment focuses its global activities on developing and manufacturing polymer materials and intermediates, especially for use in agriculture and in the rubber and plastics industry. In 2016, the segment’s roughly 4,400 employees generated sales about €3.2 billion.

VISIOMER®, Evonik's global trademark for methacrylate monomers, stands for high quality products, global comprehensive service, and long lasting expertise.



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Evonik Performance Materials GmbH, BL Oil Additives

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