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Brij™ L4

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Brij™ L4 is a multifunctional, non-silicone and non-fluorinated colorless, liquid wetting agent with excellent environmental profiles. This product is a part of the Brij range of nonionic surfactants which are natural fatty ethers derived from a variety of straight and branched chain alcohols. The function and application of the Brij range is dependent on both the source fatty alcohol and the degree of ethoxylation.


Croda International Plc manufactures high performance coatings and polymers that are based on natural and renewable resources for adhesive applications. These environmentally friendly, sustainable innovations include the Maxemul™ line of non-migratory O/W emulsifiers, Multiwet™ multifunctional wetting agents, B-Tough™ epoxy toughening agents, and the Priplast™ line of bio-based polyester polyols.



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