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Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a leading chemical company in the petrochemical market. Their products find use in a wide range of industries and applications. Business areas include PO (Polyolefin), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), CA (Chlor-Alkali), TDI, and Polysilicon.
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Soluwet100 Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Soluwet100 is a nonionic surfactant for grinding pigment and making emulsion with typical properties. It is ideal for use in Pigment grinding additives for ink, nonionic surfactant for emulsion, and as a wetting agent for water base OPV.
Soluwet200 Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Soluwet200 is a Nonionic surfactant for grinding pigment and is compatible with most common solid resins and emulsions. It is ideal for use for pigment grinding additives for ink.