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Sokalan® HP 30 Booster

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Sokalan® HP 30 Booster is a multifunctional, alkoxylated polyethylene imine for the detergents and cleaners industry. It can be formulated into highly concentrated formulations, including liquid monodoses. Sokalan® HP 30 Booster provides an oily/fatty stain removal boost, even at low temperatures.

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BASF Home Care and Industrial and Institutional Ingredients is one of the leading suppliers in the Home Care, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning industry. They offer a wide range of products, such as water-soluble polymers, specialty surfactants, chelating agents, and optical effect additives. BASF has a huge portfolio of ingredients, finished products and test formulations for laundry, dishwashing, food service, kitchen hygiene, and food/beverage processing.




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