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B-F Indicator™ Dip Slides


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B-F Indicator™ Dip Slides are practical tools for determining the presence of harmful microorganisms common to manufacturing environments. Left unchecked, these microorganisms can negatively affect the properties, performance, and overall quality of finished products and shorten expected shelf-life. Most importantly, monitoring product quality significantly reduces the likelihood that consumers will come in contact with harmful microorganisms. B-F Indicator™ Dip Slides help indicate the presence and type of destructive microorganisms and offer a simple means for estimating microbe population density.


Troy Corporation is a leading worldwide microbial control company, with products available in over 100 countries worldwide. Troy is the inventor of IPBC, which has been supplied to the personal care and cosmetics industry for over 30 years, and provides low cost and reliable protection for products and manufacturing processes.

TroyCare™ advanced antimicrobials for personal care applications offer optimum performance at low use levels, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Incorporating the leading antifungal and antibacterial technologies available, TroyCare™ antimicrobials enhance the value of a wide scope of personal care and cosmetics products, including creams and lotions, body washes, gels, shampoo, mascara, eyeliner, personal care wipes, and more.



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