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BenchMix Programmable High Shear Lab Mixers


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BenchMix Programmable High Shear Lab Mixers combines power, speed and versatility all in one unit and provides predictable, repeatable results when scaling up to Rotosolver dispersers or Rotostat emulsifiers. From development to pilot scale to full production, BenchMix takes your end user product to market faster. Units can also be used for small batch and sample production runs, delivering 3 HP up to 12,000 RPM and processing up to 20 liters.


Admix is a leader in advanced mixing technologies for the personal care and cosmetics industries. Its innovative, high-efficiency sanitary mixing systems and years of applications experience help you meet any mixing challenge — with a special focus on adding powders into liquids. Our full range of products includes in-tank batch mixers, bottom mount dispersers and emulsifiers, inline mixing and wet mills, and powder conveying and induction. Partnering with Admix provides complete access to our expertise and fully equipped pilot labs in Europe and North America, which means new products move from development to full production faster and more cost effectively.




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