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2 in 1 – Facial Mask & Cleansing Cream (Formulation #S-1002-19)

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An innovative face wash for clean, soft and hydrated skin. One product with two uses. One as a facial cleanser for daily use and the other as a face mask once a week. This product is useful and saves time and money.


CHT Group Company manufactures customized Silicone based materials to the Personal Care Industry. These include Crosspolymers, Aminosiloxanes, Emulsions, Quats, Waxes, Polyether Siloxanes, Antifoams and Blends. Our extensive product line can emulsify, protect, repair, provide shine and moisturize while adding a luxurious feel to your formulation. Our innovative global expertise and distribution network provides timely product and project turnaround and accommodates low minimum order quantities. Challenge our formulations lab today to solve formulation challenges or provide great starting formulations.




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