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NHU Europe GmbH

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NHU Europe GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers in the Cosmetic and Food & Beverage industries, NHU provides high quality additives to a variety of companies. NHU products for cosmetics, aroma chemicals, and food all comply with most recent and up to date legislation requirements.
Citral Min 96% Zhejiang NHU Comp. Ltd.
  • INCI Name:
Citral Min 96% is a colourless or yellowish transparent liquid with a strong, lemon-like odor. It is ideal for use as a fragrance in the cosmetic industry.
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Citronellal Min 96% Zhejiang NHU Comp. Ltd.
  • INCI Name:
Citronellal Min 96% is a clear colourless to yellowish liquid. It is used in fragrance and flavor applications.
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Hydroxycitronellal Zhejiang NHU Comp. Ltd.
  • INCI Name:
Hydroxycitronellal is a colourless liquid with a powerful lemon, citrus-like flavor. It is ideal for use in fragrance applications.
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