Natural Citrus Furniture Polish (Formulation #608) 

This formulation produces a natural citrus furniture polish. VAN GEL® SX is a tailored blend of natural bentonite clay and xanthan gum that is an efficient thickener, suspending agent and emulsion stabilizer for HI&I and agricultural formulations.



Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of smectite clays, xanthan gum and other mineral and chemical products for the Household, Institutional, and Industrial Cleaner applications. It’s VAN GEL® and VEEGUM® magnesium aluminum silicate lines derive from natural smectite clays and serve as suspension and emulsion stabilizers and thickeners. Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC VANZAN® xanthan gum grades are extremely efficient rheological modifiers in aqueous systems.

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