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Exolit® AP 750

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Exolit® AP 750 is a non-halogenated flame retardant based on ammonium polyphosphate as main component, which develops its effectiveness through phosphorus/nitrogen synergism. In contrast to similar competitive material, it shows high processing stability. Exolit® AP 750 differs in its mode of action from non phosphorus-based flame retardants (e. g. brominated, chlorinated or mineral FRs like ATH) by achieving its effect through intumescence. Material containing Exolit® AP 750 will foam on exposure to flame. The carbon-rich foam layer so formed will protect the polymer and in many cases the substrate below through its heat-insulating effect, reduces further oxygen access and prevents dripping in case of a thermoplastic based formulation. Beyond the primary effects on fire behavior such as reduction of flame propagation rate, rate of heat release, dripping behavior, residual lengths of test specimens after flame tests etc., positive secondary fire effects such as low smoke density, no release of corrosive off-gases, lower formation of toxic smoke gases are of great interest.


Clariant's Plastics & Coatings Ltd. business area serves markets ranging from packaging, consumer goods, medical, and textile to transportation and agriculture. The Additives business offers solutions with functional effects for example for plastics, coatings and printing inks, adhesives, and textiles and fibers. It’s products include a large variety of advanced surface solutions and performance additives that improve heat, light, and weather resistance, among other benefits. Besides that, Additives also offers innovative solutions such as non-halogenated flame retardants that provide environmentally compatible fire protection for electrical and electronic equipment or as key ingredient for intumescent coating systems in construction applications.

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