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801-D2 Self-Dispersing Organic Bentonite Rheologic Additives

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801-D2 Self-Dispersing Organic Bentonite Rheologic Additives is a kind of self-dispersing organic Bentonite which can be dispersed without need of any polarity activator and the high-shear conditions. It is applicable to the medium to high polarity solvent system of the ketone, ester, glycol, aether and aether-ester, alcohol, etc. Its superior suspension capability will greatly simplify the recipe and the producing procedure. It may revise the technical process after simplification and substitute the gas phase silicon dioxide, through which the cost will be effectively reduced. This model of product is equivalent to Bentone SD-2.

801-D2 Self-Dispersing Organic Bentonite Rheologic Additives has applications in industrial top paint, auto lacquer, and nano organic composite materials.


Lin’an Qinghong Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures organic bentonite rheological additives for Paint and Coatings. Organic bentonite can be used for increasing thickening, anti-sinkability, sag-resistance, leveling, dispersion, thixotropy, and suspension. Located in Zhejiang Province, China, Lin’an Qinghong is one of the first manufacturers to receive ISO 9001 certification in the bentonite industry.

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