EBECRYL® 1360 

EBECRYL® 1360 is a silicone hexa-acrylate material which contributes slip, substrate wetting and flow properties when used as an additive in formulations cured by UV or EB. Cured films containing EBECRYL® 1360 will exhibit a smooth, tack free surface, with good blocking resistance. It is recommended for use in: overprint varnishes, clear coatings on paper, plastics and metal, release coatings, and EB cure.




Allnex is a major world supplier in Graphic Arts and Inks. It provides many advanced UV/EB curable, water-based, and organic solvent-based products — including phenolic resins, acrylics, epoxies, polyesters, and amino cross-linkers. Allnex’s latest graphic arts and ink development is EBECRYL LEO® resins, made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices from high renewable content monomers and oligomers.

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