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Neo Heliopan® AP

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    Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate

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Neo Heliopan® AP is a highly effective and photostable UVA II absorber with a UV absorbance (1%/1cm) of min. 770 at around 335nm. It forms water soluble salts with the addition of a base. It is practically odorless, has an excellent stability and is compatible with other ingredients and packaging. In sun care formulations it shows synergistic effects with oil-soluble UVB filters in combination with the UVA I absorber Neo Heliopan® 357 very broad spectrum UVA protection products can be formulated. It has an excellent safety profile including extremely low skin penetration and is suitable for water-based transparent sunscreen products such as gels or clear sprays and water-resistant sunscreens can be formulated.

Approved to be used up to 10% in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Brasil and South Korea

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Name (CAS Number)
2,2'-(1,4-Phenylene)bis[1H-benzimidazole-4,6-disulfonic acid], disodium salt (180898-37-7) Sign in to view

Regulatory & Advisory Status

Name (CAS Number)
2,2'-(1,4-Phenylene)bis[1H-benzimidazole-4,6-disulfonic acid], disodium salt (180898-37-7)
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Symrise is a global supplier that produces fragrances and cosmetic ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. This company provides an extensive range of raw materials that are widely used in perfumes, shower and bathing products, skin and hair care, and deodorants. Key offerings include Actipone® Pueraria Root, Dragosine®, Emulsiphos®, Hydroviton® 24, Neo Heliopan® 357, and more.

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