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Manufactured based on rosin (pitch) and corresponds to an adduct maleic esterified with pentaerythritol. Soluble in aliphatic solvents, aromatic alcohols and ketones insoluble in water and. Compatible with alkyd resins, drying oils and other derivatives of rosin. Is recommended primarily for the formulation of coatings for lithography and as an additive modifier of hardness and drying.


Polimeros Sinteticos is a 100% Mexican owned private company, and a leader in the manufacturing of resins derived from gum rosin, which focus on the markets of paint, adhesives, printing inks, road marking, rubber and gum. Their products are not only recognized in the domestic market, but are competing successfully in the international market, especially in USA.

La información presentada aquí fue adquirida por UL desde el productor del material. UL hace un esfuerzo considerable para asegurar la exactitud de estos datos. Sin embargo, UL no asume responsabilidad por los valores de los datos y alienta firmemente a que tras la selección final del material, los puntos de los datos sean validados con el proveedor de la materia



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Polimeros Sinteticos, S.A de C.V

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