Introducing UL's
Regulatory Snapshots

An indispensable tool for Personal Care & Cosmetics formulators that delivers global regulatory information inside Prospector's product profile pages.

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Find compliance data quickly and easily.

Right at the bottom of thousands of product profile pages.

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Track new rules as you research ingredients.

We update data from regulatory organizations quarterly.

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Speed up innovation by knowing regulations up-front.

Tackle compliance issues early and avoid unnecessary reformulations.

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Save money.

Get to market faster, avoiding last-minute crises or reformulation.

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If you want instant access to fresh regulatory information, right at your fingertips, then Regulatory Snapshots is the Prospector professional tool for you. You'll find CAS number documents, regulatory websites and hotlists directly inside Prospector's product profile pages. With 8,000 new global regulations annually, Regulatory Snapshots keeps you on top of your compliance game.

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