Utomer UT81P90A

Generic Family: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (Polyether)Supplied by: Shanghai Utomer Material Science Co., Ltd.
Utomer Polyether type TPU which can be applied to Injection, Extrusion and Calendering.

Molding cycle is short and efficient for Injection production. The stability melt is easy for Extrusion production. Hydrolysis resistance, low temperature performance with a wide processing window.

Extrusion Blown, Flat Die Cast Film, Injection Tag Wheel and Cable Jacketing
General Properties

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Material Status
Commercial: Active

Technical Datasheet (English)

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Asia Pacific
Blown Film
Processing Method
Blown Film
Other Properties
Features, Density / Specific Gravity, Tensile Stress at 100%, Tensile Stress at 300%, Tensile Strength, Elongation at Break, Tear Strength, Compression Set, Durometer Hardness, Glass Transition Temperature, Melting Temperature, Additional Properties
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