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Imagifine Red Oxide 1445 

Imagifine Red Oxide 1445 is a pigment paste that is high strength and uses little additives to ensure that this dispersion interferes as minimal as possible with the chemistry of customer products. It is an economic alternative to generally used high concentration aqueous dispersions that contain high quality pigments in reverence to chemical resistance, light fastness, and temperature resistance. Imagifine Red Oxide 1445 is specifically formulated for water-based or aqueous paints & aqueous inks and in-plant tinting of emulsion. It has a specific gravity of 1.80 and a pigment solid of 60%.




Imagico Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Colorant Systems, Nano dispersions and Pigment Pastes for paints, inks, textiles and various other industrial applications. Their products offer UV dispersion for the EB and UV curable printing inks with high pigmentation, high gloss and good storage stability. Imagico has the ability to innovate new products and applications and can optimize production per customer requirements.


Imagico Pvt. Ltd.

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