Yipin® Green Pearl Y9235 

Yipin® Green Pearl Y9235 is a green pearlescent pigment in powder form. It has a particle size range of 10-60 µm, water soluble content of no more than 0.3%, and a pH value of 6-9. It has good heat and light resistance and provides a bright green luster to desired formulations. This product can be used in coating and ink applications.




Yipin Pigments, Inc. is a supplier of pigments – including Chrome, Anti-Corrosion, and Pearlescent varieties – used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. Proudly serving customers worldwide, this organization meets international quality and environmental standards with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications. Overall, Yipin Pigments believes in teamwork, honesty, responsibility, and creativity.


Yipin Pigments, Inc.

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