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AnTec C-98 

AnTec C-98, in the form of a highly pulverized powder, is a calcined kaolin. This product has been dehydroxylated by controlled heat treatment in order to remove crystalline-bound hydroxyl groups and in order to improve brightness. It can be used as a functional pigment extender in coatings, paints, and printing inks.




Anpeak Specialty Minerals Co., Ltd. has become one of the market-leaders in the China kaolin and specialty chemicals industries. They offer calcined kaolin that is suitable for applications with high requirements of brightness aspects, especially in the coating and paint and graphic art and inks industries. Their kaolin is used extensively in high-end waterborne or solvent type flat enamel, semigloss paint, special paint and printing ink.


Anpeak Specialty Minerals Co., Ltd.

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