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Coloray™ CR5243 Glitter Gold 

Coloray™ CR5243 Glitter Gold is a kind of interference pearlescent pigment consist of natural mica flake coated with rutile titanium dioxide. It is physical optical interference phenomenon caused by the light distance gap between the light reflected by the titanium dioxide with high refracted index and the one reflected by mica with low refracted index. Its particle size is 20-80 microns. Its weather resistance is good. It has glitter gold pearly luster.It can be used in the application of paints, inks, plastics, leather, etc.




Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. engages in developing and manufacturing pearl pigments and effect pigments used in the Graphic Arts and Inks industry. This company offers a wide range of pigments that provide outstanding stability, consistency and performance to color users. Featured products include Raystar™ Golden Lustre Series, Raystar™ Metalic Lustre Series, and more.


Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. 浙江凯色丽科技发展有限公司

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