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ALKOMOL® L 405 is a nonionic compound resulting from the reaction of lauryl alcohol with 4 moles of ethylene oxide and 5 moles propylene oxide. The lipophilic portion of the molecule comes from the fatty alcohol and propylene oxide and the hydrophilic part from the addtion of ethylene oxide. This structure allows for low foaming power, excellent wetting properties and good detergency.

This product can be used in both Paints and Coatings and the Industrial and Institutional Industry. In the I&I it is recommended as a wetting agent in rinse-aids, automatic dishwashing detergents and low foam I&I degreasers. In P&C it shows significant surface tension reduction power and has good wetting and dispersion properties. This enables it to be used in pigmented pastes, acrylic paint and vinyl latex paint.


Oxiteno is a Brazilian company that operates worldwide, dealing in the manufacture of surfactants and specialty chemicals. They participate in multiple markets and industries, including Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaners. Their portfolio includes nonionic, anionic and specialty surfactants, as well as green solvents for the formulation of detergents, disinfectants, hard surface cleaners, waxes and polishes, degreasers and more.




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