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Incatein™ is sacha inchi protein that appears as light cream to tan colored powder with a soft and slightly nutty flavor. This product is a highly digestible and low irritant protein. Incatein™ is found in smoothies, bars, desserts and baked goods. This product is the non-organic version of organic Incatein™.

In addition to protein to build healthy muscle and body tissue, Incatein™ also has Omega-3s for joint health, heart health, muscle recovery and inflammatory conditions; dietary fiber for digestive health; and essential minerals for electrolyte balance and proper cellular function. It contains the perfect balance of Omega-3, 6, plus free radical scavenging antioxidants and has zero cholesterol.


Axiom Foods Axiom Foods produces and supplies hypoallergenic WGBR (whole grain brown rice) ingredients. In addition to brown rice protein, Axiom’s products include bran, flours starches, syrups, sweeteners and milks. Axiom’s low heat processing allows them to not use artificial elements in their process therefore all of their brown rice products maintain their nutritional qualities.

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