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Citric Acid

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Citric Acid is found in living cells in both animals and plants. It is from mold fermentation of carbohydrates, including deep fermentation, from lemon, lime, pineapple juice and molasses. It is used in the preparation of citrates, flavoring extracts, confections, soft drinks, effervescent salts, acidifier, dispersing agent, medicines, acidulant and antioxidant in foods.


American Tartaric Products (ATP) is a supplier of acidulants, flavor enhancers, preservatives and vitamins to the wine, beer, food and pharmaceutical markets across North America. They also offer clairifires, stabilizers and filtration aids to the wine, juice, spirits and beer industries. American Tartaric Products is the largest supplier of Tartaric Acid and Tartrate derivatives in the U.S.A. and the only U.S. producer of Cream of Tartar.

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