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Ecopol-5k is an organic guar gum food additive that has a viscosity level of 5000-6000cps at 1%. It has unique properties as a thickening and binding agent. Among other uses, Ecopol - 5K can also stabilize emulsions, bind water and oil, act as a free flow aid, improve the texture of certain foods, and provide extra dietary fiber. Ecopol - 5K is approved for use as a direct food additive by the FDA (USA) and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). The recommended applications for this product include: cake mixes, processed cheese, instant soups, instant gravies and ice cream.




Economy Polymers & Chemicals is a global supplier of food additives for use in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company uses advanced technology to provide high quality guar gums that serve as thickening agents, stabilizers, and binding agents in cake mixes, ice cream, instant soups, etc. Economy Polymers & Chemicals brands include Ecopol - 7K, Ecopol-300FG, Ecopol-35H200, Ecopol-5k, Ecopol-5K200, etc.


Economy Polymers & Chemicals

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