Ferrous Gluconate USP24, BP98, FCC IV 

Ferrous Gluconate USP24, BP98, FCC IV is a food additive used when processing black olives. It is a yellow, gray, or light green color in powder or granules. It has a slightly caramel-like odor and is easily soluble in water. Ferrous Gluconate USP24, BP98, FCC IV is used in black olives to impart a uniform jet black color to the olives.




Jiangsu Chemical Fertilizer mainly focused on ammonium sulphate, liquid ammonia, chemical fertilizer and related products, food additives, and a variety of organic, inorganic chemical industries and fine chemical products. They offer a wide variety of gluconates including copper, ferrous, sodium and Glucono-δ-lactone USP24.


Jiangsu Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd

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