NM/D2 Apricots-Dice 1/4" 

NM/D2 Apricots-Dice 1/4" are 100% fruit with normal moisture and Dextrose. This product can add flavor and act as a filler in frozen products, baked filled products, ice cream, confectionery items, fruit based bars and special cheese.


Certification Statement


Ve.Ba. Cooperativa Ortofrutticola is an italian Cooperative of producers who process certified and controlled-farmed fruit coming from their own orchards, grown in the fertile Po river Valley. Products produced include dehydrated vegetables, organic and baby-food fruit products, concentrated fruit juices, aseptically packed fruit products and fillings and dehydrated and partially rehydrated fruit products and fillings.


Ve.Ba. Cooperativa Ortofrutticola S.C.

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