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EPCevia™ Opti-Granules 

EPCevia™ Opti-Granules provides an all-natural, sugar-like, zero-calorie taste with high sweetness. Mainly composed of Reb A and Reb D, the product also has a good taste and a high solubility and dissolving rate. It comes in pure white powder. EPCevia™ Opti-Granules are intended for tabletop use.




EPC Natural Products Co., Ltd. manufactures raw materials for use in Food and Beverage. This company strives to provide natural herb extracts with bioavailability, high-stability, and performance to meet consumer demands. EPC Natural Products brands include EPCemon™, EPCevia™ Pure, EPCevia™ Dual, etc. These brands serve as coloring and flavoring agents in confectionery, beverages, dairy products, etc.


EPC Natural Products Co., Ltd.

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