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Chestnut Shell Extract 

Chestnut Shell Extract is a brown powder that is an extract from shell of Castanea Mollissima Bl. It has a color value of E (1%, 1cm, 500士5nm) ≥5. It is soluble in water and aqueous ethanol; insoluble in acetic ether and ethane. Chestnut Shell Extract is used to provide a brown color to a variety of food products.




Znatural Color Co. Ltd is a high-tech company that engages in processing natural plants abstraction and agricultural products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company combines its experienced R&D team and technology support to create many types of plant extracts for use in beverages, ice cream, confectioneries, fruit and vegetable juices, integrated alcoholic beverages, and more.


Znatural Color Co. Ltd

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