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Beta Carotene


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Beta Carotene is a carotenoid substance naturally found in plants. This product is primarily responsible for the pigment in orange colored fruits and vegetables, but also contributes to the pigment in red, yellow, and green colored fruits and vegetables. Beta Carotene is used in yellow to yellow-orange colored food products not requiring clarity, such as cantaloupe, broccoli, spinach, palm oil, and carrots.


ColorMaker specializes in non-certified "natural" colorants and supplies them in a variety of blends, forms, and dilutions. They can supply any colorant approved or not approved for use in the US. ColorMaker has been successful in replicating Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 for water-based systems and they are available in powder form for dry beverages and for direct compression tableting.



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ColorMaker Inc.

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