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RediPur™ Flax 

RediPur™ Flax is a ready-to-eat flaxseed product, ideal for any product that uses coarse ground flaxseed and does not undergo a further heat processing. It offers all of the nutritional benefits of flaxseed, including ALA Omega-3, protein, fiber and lignans. Flaxseed contains more ALA Omega-3 than any other whole-food source, including chia and walnuts. RediPur™ also offers peace of mind, because it undergoes enhanced heat treatment to ensure tighter microbial control. This additional heat treatment also gives RediPur™ a roasted, nutty flavor, improving its performance when incorporated into such products as oatmeal. RediPur™ is available in organic and conventional varieties; both are natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and pesticide-free.




Grown. Milled. Nurtured. It's Canadian flaxseed at its finest. Pizzey Ingredients’ unique processing system protects flaxseed’s natural stability and functionality while ensuring a 2+ year shelf life. Our products will enhance the nutritional composition of your product and can also clean up your label by replacing gums and shortening.


Pizzey Ingredients

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