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Shellac is a resin composed of aliphatic and polyhydroxynic acids. The molecular weight lies around 1000. Shellac comes in glossy, fine flakes of light yellow to a dark brown colour (depending of the quality) It can be waxy (native form) or dewaxed. Bleached shellacs come as a cream coloured to yellow powder.

Shellac is a resinous secretion of tiny insects, called Laccifer Lacca (coccoidea family) to protect the breeding. These insects live on host-trees mainly located in India (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa). Sticklac is the cut branches incrusted with hardened lac. This product is cleaned of plant wastes and impurities, washed, sieved, dried and sold as seedlac. Shellac is only the term used for the refined form of seedlac.

The use of Shellac has been known in India and China for nearly 4000 years. Shellac may be used in applications in the food and pharmaceutical fields. It may be used in bakery products as a glazing agent and in confectionery products including: chewing gum sugar free, gum drops, pastilles, tablets, lozenges and coated products like almonds, nuts, peanuts and chocolates.


Alland & Robert has acquired a strong expertise of gum acacia and gum karaya. Gum acacia is at the core of their environmental policy. It is a sustainable product and processed in full respect it's natural environment. Alland & Robert seeks to continue to improve efficient use of resources.



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