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Maris ED 1111 

Maris ED 1111 offers the well documented benefits of EPA and DHA absolutely without smell or off-taste. Unlike other "deodorised" oils which still need flavours for masking, Maris ED 1111 impresses with its perfectly neutral sensory profile – just like a rapeseed or sunflower oil. Due to its extremely low oxidation level, Maris ED 1111 offers superior stability in functional foods and nutritional supplements.

Maris ED 1111 is 100 % neutral in taste and provides excellent shelf life. It can be used in a wide range of food and supplement products. Food applications include dairy and bakery products, spreads, cooking oils, sauces, ready-meals, cereals, snack bars, sweets and cookies. Maris ED 1111 is perfectly suitable for liquid and chewable nutritional supplements. Extensive support is available for product development, including guidance on formulation and manufacturing process.




Imperial-Oel-Import is focused mainly on the import and distribution of mineral oil based chemicals but also they have expanded to a wide range of fatty acids, resins, oils and animal and vegetable derived waxes. Their product list includes oleochemical specialties, animal oils and bone products, omega-3 products, lecithins, technical lanolins and wool greases and lanolins along with their derivatives.


Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

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