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Cream, Product Code:172442-213 

Cream, Product Code: 172442-213 uses milk as the raw material and is made with emulsification and crystallization technology by advanced production process. It has fine and smooth crystals, color of natural yellow, a natural flavor, and a good ability to emulsify. Cream can be used in cold drink, candy manufacturing and all kinds of general cured products. Suggested uses for this product includes all kinds of western pastry manufacturing, cream cakes and break manufacturing, filling cream manufacturing, and filling material used as flavor.


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Huaan Biotechnology Group is a company involved in the import and export trade of agricultural products, sales, bio-product research and development and production of products for the food and beverage industry. Products include Casein glue, Dry casein glue, Cream, Class A casein milk, Milk casein level, Edible casein, Industrial casein, Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate, Casein phosphopepetides and Acid hydrolysis of casein.


Huaan Biotechnology Group

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