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Gadocal Extreme 

Gadocal Extreme is a freely soluble, stable, highly bioavailable calcium source used for food fortification. It is specifically designed for the fortification of syrups and concentrates with Calcium. Fortification with Gadocal Extreme offers the following: no sedimentation of calcium at any practical level of fortification, no effect on viscosity of the syrups or concentrates over time, and provide high bioavailability instant dissolution.




Gadot Biochem Europe BV is a manufacturer of food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company produces citric acid products, phosphates, crystalline fructose, and specialty citrate minerals. They also offer custom solutions to meet customer’s demands. Most of these products are Kosher certified and widely used in beverages, bakery products, dietary supplements, and more.


Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd

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