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Encapsulated Citric Acid 60 

Encapsulated Citric Acid 60 is a specifically processed citric acid which has been coated by hydrogenated vegetable oil. Encapsulation helps to overcome problems commonly generated by the use of citric acid, such as change in flavor, color, taste, and shelf-life. This product is ideal for use in applications such as sausages, confectionery, dry beverage mixes, and baked goods.




Gadot Biochem Europe BV is a manufacturer of food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company produces citric acid products, phosphates, crystalline fructose, and specialty citrate minerals. They also offer custom solutions to meet customer’s demands. Most of these products are Kosher certified and widely used in beverages, bakery products, dietary supplements, and more.


Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd

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