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Premium Organic Palm Fruit Shortening 

Premium Organic Palm Fruit Shortening is semi-solid at room temperature, has a white color and a neutral taste. This product is used for cookies, dry cereal, bread, filling, dry mixes, baby formulas, dairy substitutes, and in blends for shortenings and margarines. Premium Organic Palm Fruit Shortening is manufactured by crystallizing organic RBD palm fruit oil. This product has a slip melting point of 36 to 38°C, should be stored in a cool, dry place and used within 12 months of production.




Daabon USA produces, processes, and markets palm oil internationally. They are committed to stringent organic farming criteria including absence of chemical, integrated pest management, recycling of nutrients, weed plant propagation, and other practices that help to maintain a balanced agroecosystem.


Daabon USA, Inc.

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