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Edible Grade Acid Casein 

Edible Grade Acid Casein is a protein that is found only in milk, giving milk its white color. An integral constituent of milk which helps in building immunity, it is highly nutritious, possessing all the essential amino acids widely used in different food preparations, and as a binding agent. It is a low fat milk protein, free of carbohydrates. It has good flavor and excellent dietary properties that makes it ideal for medical and nutritional application.




Milkfood Limited is a supplier of high-end milk powders, ghee, casein, and demineralized whey powder for the food and beverage industry. Their products are commonly used in the manufacture of coffee creams, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate, as well as for infant nutrition, health supplements, and pharmaceuticals. The company aims to continue growing in quality, capacity, and customer service.


Milkfood Limited

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